I’m Roxanne, the owner and Head Chef of Stillwater Catering, and lover of a good party.  I learned early on in life that a delicious meal can elevate any event, no matter how simple or grand, and how unexpected flavors can shape the mood of a party by sparking an appetite for adventure, comfort, or joy.

I grew up in Juneau Alaska, where I learned to forage, fish, and utilize what the land provided (which was abundant!) I watched my mother, grandmother, and aunts work magic in the kitchen, and felt drawn to the craft of creating delectable food with what nature has to offer. Berries, wild greens, seaweeds, seafood, game and fowl became integral to my kitchen experiments.

Never wanting to plant my feet for long, I began my professional life in the field of travel and tourism.  My experience working with industry leaders, such as American Express and The Walt Disney Company gave me the opportunity to discover rich cuisine and chat with local culinary geniuses.  Sampling these flavors inspired me to reconsider my own path, and I decided it was time to turn my passion into a profession.  I opened Stillwater Catering in 2011.

Years of studying natural foods, local resources, and popular food trends have helped me to cultivate my powerful food philosophy, Positively Free Food.  I feel strongly that knowing where your food comes from is an invaluable part of promoting wellness, not only with your own health, but inside your community as well.  I value the efforts of local food co-ops, family owned groceries, and small organic farms.  I have witnessed how altering your diet can dramatically improve your health and well-being, and I know for sure that you never have to compromise flavor when eating well!

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, or omnivore, I’m happy to help you create a memorable event full of rich, fresh flavor.